Easter Egg White Cake

I have no problem with experimenting… when it comes to food that is.  Recently the baking bug kicked in and I thought to myself “Hmm… how could I make a classic white cake?” Having no desire to do a box cake, I decided to do a little research on what I could use.  One thing leads to another and a bunch of reading later, I came up with the following recipe:

Dense White Cake

  • 1 ½ sticks of salted butter, softened
  • ¾ cup buttermilk
  • 6 egg whites
  • 1 ¾ cups of sugar
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 ½ tsp French Vanilla Extract

Now, I know what you may be thinking… YES… buttermilk.  The characteristic of the typically sour dairy product produces a unique flavor especially when introduced to the French Vanilla.

Pan Prep

Before you start mixing everything together, make sure your pan is prepped. As a non-professional baker, what do I know, but here is what I do. Using Crisco, grease the bottom on the pan so that all surfaces are covered.  Take wax paper, enough to cover all surfaces of the pan, and place into the pan and press so that coverage is as even as possible.  Cut off any extra wax paper that extends over the edge of the pan to prevent browning/burning once it gets into the oven.


Pre-heat your oven to 350.

Bowl number two – mix your butter and sugar together until the mixture does not retain the “grainy” aspect of the sugar.  Set aside.

Bowl number two – mix flower and baking powder. Set Aside.

Bowl number three – mix buttermilk, egg whites and French vanilla. Set aside.

Slowly mix the flower/baking powder into the butter/sugar mixture, adding the milk/egg mixture to keep the butter/sugar base as moist as possible.  Once all contents are mixed, pour into pan.  Bake for for 30 minutes and test.  If your cake is not finished, back for 5 minute intervals until finished.

White Cake Baking Away

White Cake Baking Away

Once your cake is finished, let it cool for 5 to 10 minutes.  Place some wax paper on the counter and turn the cake over onto the wax paper.  It should come right out of the pan.  You will need to remove the wax paper that lined the pan from the cake but that will be no isssue.

The cake, fresh from the pan.

The cake, fresh from the pan.

Time to decorate.  It’s important to point out that 24 hours passed from the time the cake came out of the oven until the decorating started. 

 How you want to do this is up to you.  We decided to use fondant purcahsed from a baking suply company, then paint the fondant.  

Here is the fondant going on.


Fondant looks.... so smooth.

Remember how I said I like to “experiment?”  Well, I also attempted to make butter cream frosting for the first time.  It was going to be used as the bonding agent between the cake and the fondant.  Yea, well…  the butter cream frosting did NOT work out.  One wouldn’t think it’s that hard – some confectionery sugar, some butter, some milk…  Yea, no.  Not so much.   I ended up having to use a can of frosting from the store.

The finished Easter Egg Cake

The finished Easter Egg Cake

In the end, I think this turned out extremely well all things considered.  I have a number of things I want to try moving forward, maybe some variations on the cake recipe, but an overall successful first attempt.

I hope you enjoy Easter!

Update – one thing I forgot to say previously.  This cake tastes better the longer it sits around.  Obviously, there would be a point where it would start to go stale but I baked a practice cake and it tasted so much better on day 5 than fresh out of the oven, it really caught me off guard.

40 thoughts on “Easter Egg White Cake

    1. Well, I did the baking and the W did the decorating. She’s more artistic. We both have an interest in fondant tho. I was surprised to see you say that most people don’t use it any longer. What methods do people use in place? Just butter cream frosting?

  1. WOW. Could you fedex me that cake? I would like to eat a big piece right now. BEAUTIFUL! Oddly enough I won a cake decorating contest when I was 10 or 11. There is no way I could pull off what you did.

    1. You know, Clementine, I wish there was some way to successfully ship a cake. I would be sending them all over to friends, and god also knows there is some business to be had.

      I didn’t know you were into cake decorating, and I’m sure – SURE – you could pull it off now if you tried. =)

      1. I’ve always wanted to order Eleni’s Oscar-themed cookies for my Oscar party every year but can never afford them. They deliver-so, yes you can too! And I’ll be waiting on my cake :-)


        Yes, I was into cake decorating years ago but really don’t know if I could pull this off. Stunning work-I will try, someday though!

  2. this is sooo beautiful!! I love it!! and yes, the fondant is mighty impressive.

    I think I might be doing another dish tomorrow…

    very simple…but delicious!

    1. Thanks Gianna. The W did a wonderful job at it. For a first time using fondant she did an outstanding job.

      I can’t wait to see your next creation! I’m sure it will be outstanding.

  3. Van & Anju- It was wonderful!
    I have a slice of it resting in the cabinet for breakfast tomorrow.
    Thanks and Happy Easter.

    Noodles and I made the return trip to p/u the Magster and just missed you.
    Maybe you’ll meet him next time.

    1. Sorry, we didn’t know you were coming back with him. I just had to get out of there. It was good seeing you, and I’m glad you liked the cake.

    2. @ I’m with Noodles:
      I totally wanted to meet BearPaws…aka Noodles. Sorry we missed you! Hopefully he won’t be on a play date next time we are over :) Let me know when you are planning your fondant excursion. I’d be happy to help!

    1. Can you suggest any butter cream recipes? I’m really into making my own stuff these days.

      Yea, the fondant isn’t cheep. I really like the taste of it, oddly enough. The marshmallow-esque taste is what does it… I think…

  4. Fondant is really gummy to me.

    Look on the Wilton site for buttercream recipes, particularly one that involves egg whites and a sugar syrup. That’s where I’d go, and where I would have gotten my recipes from had my wedding cake gig gone through this summer

  5. @WC, Gianna, Donna & Van:
    Thanks for the compliments! I have been talking to Van about wanting to learn to use fondant to decorate, for a while now. He actually surprised me by taking me to the store (before he told me of his master plan for making the Easter Egg cake) and presented the fondant to me at the store. I was ecstatic! I had forgotten about it, and he knew it. But he wanted to make sure that I got around to actually DOING it (because he knew I need a little nudge of encouragement to get started every once in a while). I am glad he did! I must say though, last night, after I was done decorating it, I was disappointed that it didn’t turn out as I had hoped. But this morning, I liked how it turned out. I think next time, instead of using icing paint, I want to use pastel colored fondant for the whole thing. I have to agree with WC, I am not a big fan of the taste of fondant, but it looks so freaking smooth and clean! Hopefully, Van and I will have some more tasty & decorative projects to post soon!

    I just wanted to publicly thank my wonderful husband (of one year -legally, that is) for supporting my dreams, including decorating with fondant – Thank you Van!

    P.S. Donna – FYI, webcam is set up. Just let me know when you and Mags are ready ;)

      1. Thanks Gianna! You’re a sweetheart :) I must give proper respect to my husband who actually gave me the opportunity to do so – otherwise I would have just kept talking about how I wanted to do it and done nothing about it!

        FYI – YOU rock too!

    1. Thanks!

      This was our first time using fondant and we found that it wasn’t that hard to use. It takes some time to get used to, but easy after a bit.

      As for the taste… hmm… This was vanilla flavored fondant, but to me it has a hint of marshmallow flavor. It also can have the ability to be semi-chewy if you eat it alone, but when it is included in an item (like cake) I find the chewy aspect is gone.

    2. Hi Bob-
      Working with fondant is much like working with Play-Doh. Very pliable and easy to work with. However it dries fairly fast! To roll it, you need to use confectioners sugar (as to prevent it from sticking to the rolling pin and the mat, which is part of the reason it feels like it dries out quickly, I am assuming). I used to sculpt with clay and when I first pulled it out of the box and out of the saran wrap, it felt very dense, like sculpting clay.

      It tasted like dense flattened marshmallows.
      Hope this helps!

      (Nice site, by the way!)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tiff! I am glad my work friends get to see the artsy side of me here :) We can’t have you starve!! We’ve got to get you some FOOD! I’ll bring some cake in for you and Trina this week. Thanks again!

  6. Curse this cake!!!!
    It softly, gently, calls my name from under the tinfoil as I zip through the kitchen…
    “Donnaaaaaa, Donnaaaaaa, over hereeee! I’m delicious! Who cares if your lower lip and teeth
    have turned blue, it’s the fondant’s fault…..”

    1. I know! I warned you, this gets better and better the longer it sits for some reason. There is about one piece left at the house, which will be gone after I get home today…. I’ve also found a number of butter cream recipes that I cannot wait to use, too.

    2. Donnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa…..just face it, you eat the delicious cake for it’s “cosmetic” impact – you love blue lips, don’t ya?;)

  7. The cake looks great! I love the egg shaped cake also. Watch out fabroge!

    VS buttermilk also has acid in it which actvated the levening agent (baking soda) in your cake. If you don’t have buulttermilk there’s a milk and lemon juice ratio that does the same thing.

    Check out cooks illustrated stuff including it’s cookbooks. One ofthem is our family bible.

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