I was very flattered when Van asked me yesterday if I’d like to contribute to this blog.  I really don’t know exactly what my contribution will be at the moment, but I have been assured that there will be no pressure (right, Van?).

How about I take requests.

Anyone have anything in particular they’d like me to write about?  I’m feeling a little stumped right now.  I always have stuff coming down the pipe for my own food site ReTorte, but now that I’m part of a group blogging effort I feel like I must  perform!

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  1. Welcome WC…
    I haven’t been reading your blog too often, but it’s clear there is a lot of variety….one thing you could do is cross post occasionally…like your favorite stuff….but if everyone here already reads your blog then that isn’t a good idea..I’m not sure if we have different audiences or not??

    I’ve finally got you on a feed so I will be visiting regularly now!

  2. There is no pressure what so ever. And there is no pressure to perform either! The request idea is actually a sweet idea. I’ll throw a few out there for you.

    1) A unique take on authentic tacos
    2) Paprikahuhn chicken stew
    3) Wild Mushroom Soup
    4) Kare Raisu (Japanese Curry Rice)

    There are all off the huge list I have of dishes I had planned… yes… I have a list (close to 50 items). Does that make me… sad? Ah well.

    Anyway, thank you for joining the community. You are an outstanding cook and I’m excited to have you here.

  3. Heya Coyote! Hmmm, requests. Can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but I’ll get back to you if I think of anything. :)

  4. Let’s find a theme to co-ordinate w/up coming events: Cinco de Mayo, some thing
    historic and patriotic for Memorial Day, my son’s grade school graduation.. etc.
    My daughter and I just celebrated “Nat’l Something on a Stick Day”, must be a legit holiday,
    it was on-line, we did fruit kabobs and chicken breaded in crushed FunYuns and chips.
    You Could Do It!!!!

  5. Noodles has a good idea, though we don’t have the same holidays up here. But, we can work that out.

    I also thought of a co-ordinated cooking challenge. We all pick something – like calamari, for instance – decide to cook it on particular day, then each write a blog post about it.