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Lumpia Shanghai and Pork BBQ

Years ago I discovered a local Filipino store that specializes in import food items – rice, fruit and drinks.  In the back of this tiny store is a kitchen that happens to serve authentic home made items and they are fantastic.  Healthy?  Yea, guessing not, but some of food that really hits the spot.

I had intended on making a quick salmon dish this evening but my sudden and uncontrollable urge for Lumpia took over.  I thought I would share that urge with you.

What is Lumpia Shanghai?

Lumpia Shanghai (Lumpia for short) is, essentially, a mini egg roll roughly 4 inches in length filed with beef or pork, egg, carrots and various spices.  These little guys are deep fried to sinful perfection and usually served with sweet and sour sauce (which I usually pass on).  I find the addition of carrots in the roll to be sweet enough for me.

There are a number of versions of Lumpia, usually tied to the country and region of origin. I would actually consider this food item to be the ideal finger food.  Just remember to a napkin around as your fingers are bound to get greasy.

Pork BBQ

Anyone who has exposure to Filipino food will know there seems to be a certain affinity for all things pork.  From open pit, full roasted, pigs to skewers, Filipino BBQ pork is quite enjoyable.  No, I didn’t pick up a fully roasted pig, I opted for the skewers.

These little guys are marinated in Soy sauce, with sugar, garlic and lemon juice.  Usually, the pork is BBQed (as noted by the name) but can also be prepared under a broiler.  It is very important that you continue to move/turn the skewers until cooked to your liking because pork can be easily overcooked.  If one wants to really add flavor to the mix, change out the sugar for brown sugar.

Lumpia Shanghai and Pork BBQ just begging for you to eat them!

Lumpia Shanghai and Pork BBQ just begging for you to eat them!

While store purchased Lumpia Shanghai and Pork BBQ hits the spot, if it fresh, the real challenge will be when I decide to take these on in my own kitchen.  It may be some time until that happens as I have a number of other things I would like to get to first, but I will definitely post my adventure once it takes place.