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Filet with Garlic Dill Butter

Ok, before I get going. This all started because of a discussion that Tina and had some time back.  I just haven’t had the time to post…

Tina had mentioned that she likes to whip here butter, and I suggested that (after whipping) that she pop it into the freezer to give it a nice, hard, outer shell.  One think that I like to do is take it a bit further in order to make butter pads for steak topping.

For the butter pads you’ll need

1 stick of soft butter, cubed

2 teaspoons of minced garlic

1 teaspoon of freshly chopped dill

Plastic Wrap

Start with your soft butter in a bowl…

Add your garlic, dill and mix.  (I mixed with my hands… messy but, hey, quick)

Place the butter onto your plastic wrap, form the butter into a “sausage”-esque tube

Toss it into the freezer… now the length of time is up to you.  An hour will firm it up, but still allow the butter to melt quickly when you use it to top your steak.  I did mine for several hours as I wanted the butter to stay on the steak for a longer period of time.

When you are searing your steak (the ones below were prepped sous-vide, seared for 1 min per side on a HOT pan) just toss the butter on to help in the melting…

Plate with a salad and some asparagus and you are good to go! This dish gives us a nice, medium rare filet, with an outstanding flavor and a moist cut of meat!

Horseradish-Garlic topped Filet with Braised Mushrooms

This dish started off as a quest to do horseradish encrusted filet but grew into something a wee bit different – I give you Horseradish-Garlic topped Filet with and Braised Mushrooms. It sounds ostentatious but it isn’t.


List-o-ingredients (Steak/Steak Topping)

2 Filets – 6 to 8 oz

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp minced horseradish (fresh or bottled – more on that at the end of the post)

1 cup of breadcrumbs

A few Parsley Leafs, chopped

1/2 stick of butter, soft

1/4 cup parmesan-reggiano

Salt and Pepper to taste


1) Mix all of your topping ingredients together. Your butter should be soft but not melted which will result in a clumping consistency of all ingredients.

2) Cook your filet to the desired temperature

3) Remove filet from heat, place enough horseradish-garlic topping to cover surface area of the filet

4) Broil on a high flame until the topping begins to bubble/turn brown

Braised Mushrooms

1) Package of Cremini mushrooms, whole

2) 1 tbsp of butter

3) 1/4 cup red wine (I used Merlot as it tends to go well with grilled meat)

The ‘braising’ is rather simple, just toss your mushrooms in a frying pan with the butter and quickly brown, then add the red wine. Stir and cook until the wine begins to thicken. Remember to do this over a medium to medium/low heat to keep the mushrooms firm. No one likes over cooked mushrooms!

Horseradish-Garlic topped filet with Braised Mushrooms

Horseradish-Garlic topped filet with braised mushrooms


My concern was the fresh horseradish as going to overwhelm the dish, however, I found that adding an equal part of garlic balanced it out, allowing for the taste to come through without making the entire experience a wasabi-esque nightmare.

This topping could also become the base for so many other variations – crab, blue cheese first come to mind… this topping is easily a steak house favorite and I cannot wait to make it again.

Now, I noted that one could used fresh or horseradish. I decide to use fresh as I had the ability to control the overall flavor. A pre-bottled option would have added other flavors I may not have been shooting for (too salty, too strong for example). However, in chopping up my own horseradish I came to the conclusion that mother nature has a sense of humor.

Yep. Just look at this…

Horseradish - Mother Nature has a sense of humor

Horseradish - Mother Nature has a sense of humor

As always, enjoy!