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Tilapia with Endive and Roasted Potatoes

The other evening I  wanted Tilapia, so I thought it was time to do a baked dish…

For this you’ll require:

10 to 12 red potatoes, quartered
2 fresh Tilapia fillets
Fresh oregano
Fresh Dill
Freshly cracked black pepper
Sea Salt
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 head of Endive (also know as Escarole), torn
2 tsp of lemon juice

Here you go:

1. First, heat your olive oil in a medium pan. When it starts to shimmer, add your red potatoes. Add dill, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste sauté until they begin to brown, then remove and place in a bowl.

2.  Pre-heat your oven to 365. While your oven is heating, put your Endive in the pan you did your potatoes in, cover, and sauté over medium heat for roughly 5 minutes. Add your oregano, salt and pepper to taste.

3. Now add the tilapia fillets and lemon juice and heat on each side for no more than a minute.

4. Place foil on a cookie sheet, on one side place your tilapia and on the other side mix your endive and potatoes and bake for roughly 10 minutes. Keep your pan for the next step!

5. Remove from the oven, add salt and pepper to your pan (no need for additional oil, you should be ok to accomplish what is needed) and over a very high flame quickly brown the tilapia on each side.  This will sear in the pepper/salt taste, giving you a nice brown color, with drying out the fish.

6. Plate and Enjoy!

Tilapia ready to go!

The garlic, endive and potatoes all play well together, and the lemon pulls the entire dish together! Very enjoyable and very quick to do.

And the next dish? Well, Tuesday we’ll have Kale Pizza!

Bison Ribeye over Root Vegetables with Honey Butter Sauce

Today is the second sous-vide cooking experiment and I’ve picked Bison for the experiment.  I debated on doing the Bison in the over at a low temp for a long period of time, but still went with the sous-vide method instead.

Ok, you’ll need…

1 Bison Ribeye, sous-vide cooked to your liking

1 carrot, cubed

1 parsnip, cubed

1 Sweet Potato, cubed

1 Red Potato, you guessed it.. cubed

1/4 lb tilapia filet

Salt and Pepper to taste

Freshly chopped dill, oregano, thyme

And for the sauce…

1) 3/4 cup of heavy cream

2) 2 tbsp of honey

3) 1/2 stick of butter

Here we go…

1. In one pan, with a thin layer of peanut oil, place your root vegetables over a medium heat and fry (while stirring) for 3 to 6 minutes.  Add salt and pepper while stirring.  After cooking, remove from heat and drain.  Place back into pan.

2. In a second pan, quickly heat your tilapia filet with a bit of olive oil over a medium flame.  Cook for one to two minutes on each side… be careful as it will cook very quickly. After you’ve quickly pan seared it, remove and cut into chunks. (but save the pan)

3. Back to the original pan vegetable pan now. Add your chunked tilapia, as well as your dill, oregano, thyme and sir. Continue to heat/stir over a low heat for another 3 to 4 minutes, then remove from heat.

4. Time for the honey butter sauce. In a small pot, over a medium flame, add your cream and butter (a little salt as well if you would like) and mix.  When the butter is fully melted, whisk in the honey. Heat for another 2 minutes and remove from heat.

5. Transfer your vegetable/tilapia mix to the tilapia pan, set side.

6. Take your beet, shave slices off and roast for a few minutes under a high flame. Remove and set aside.

7. Take your vegetable plan, add a bit of olive oil and put it on a medium-high heat.  Now it is time to sear your ribeye.  Cook on each side for roughly 2 minutes each.

8. Plate and Enjoy!

I love the Vegetable/Tilapia Mix, especially with the Honey Butter Sauce. I am a huge fan of Bison, and usually do not season it when cooking… to me the natural taste is good enough.  Now, if you do want to season it I would strongly suggest a light seasoning as one can easily overwhelm the natural flavors of the meat.


Cornmeal Crusted Tilapia Sandwiches with Lime Butter

Okay. . .now we’re talkin’.  This was fabulous!  I love fish to begin with but I always feel guilty after eating fish that is super-fried (albeit delicious) and greasy.  The ‘batter’ here had lots of flavor – top it off with the lime butter – MWAH!

3 tbsp yellow cornmeal

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground coriander

1/8 tsp ground pepper (I used a bit more than this)

4 (6-oz) tilapia fillets

2 tbsp butter, softened

1 tsp grated lime rind

1/2 tsp fresh lime juice

4 (1.5 oz) french bread rolls, toasted

tomato slices

shredded red leaf lettuce

1. preheat broiler

2. Combine first 6 ingredients in a shallow dish (breading trays are ideal).  Coat both sides of fish with cooking spray.  Dredge fish in cornmeal mixture.

3. Place fish on a broiler pan coated with cooking spray.  Broil 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily.

4. Combine butter, rind, and juice in a small bowl; stir well.

5. Assemble your sandwich – serve with side of choice – I decided on classic coleslaw :)  Makes 4 servings.


Nutritional Information:

Calories: 345

Fat: 9.9 g

Protein: 39.2 g

Carbohydrate: 26.3 mg

Fiber: 2 g

Cholesterol: 100 mg

Sodium: 708 mg

Seared Tilapia with Lemon-Tarragon Sauce and Spinach Orzo

Although I much prefer “meatier” fish like salmon or mahi-mahi, this was very, very good.  The tilapia is seasoned very well here and so it doesn’t have that “fish” smell and taste to it.  And I love it when I find recipes that have an accompaniment included!

For Tilapia:

1.5 lbs fresh/frozen tilapia or other lean whitefish

1 tsp seasoned salt ( I used more though)

1 tbsp olive oil

1/4 c dry white wine

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tsp snipped fresh tarragon or 1/4 tsp dried tarragon, crushed

1. Rinse fish, pat dry and sprinkle with seasoned salt.  Prep your skillet with oil and cook fish until it flakes easily (approx 4-5 mins total).  Set aside in dish and keep warm.

2.  For sauce, add wine and lemon juice to skillet making sure to scrape up any crusty bits from the fish.  Whisk in mustard and tarragon and heat through. Serve over fillets.  I yielded 6 servings.  Enjoy!

For Spinach Orzo:

Prep 8 oz dried whole wheat orzo, drain.  Immediately toss orzo with 5-6 oz package of baby spinach, 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tsp finely shredded lemon peel and 1/4 tsp salt.  Season to taste with fresh ground pepper.

Mmmm. . .good!

Nutritional Information (for both together):

Calories: 294

Total Fat: 7  g

Cholesterol: 57 mg

Protein: 28 g

Carbohydrate: 28 g

Fiber: 7 g

Sodium: 448 mg