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Veal in a White Wine Cream Sauce Over Spinach Linguine

It’s a new month, a new city, a new counter top, and time for a new meal.  I pulled this one up from a new cook book – The Essential Pasta Cookbook – I picked up at Borders for all of $5.99. That price is much better than what Amazon has it for, and I suggest you pick it up if you can find it.


This is a simple dish that has a fantastic taste.  Actually, this tastes just like a traditional Piccata recipe that uses lemon, even thought it is lacking lemon juice. Just be aware that veal isn’t a cheap thing to purchase, so make sure you don’t overcook the meat.  I’d hate to see you pay $23/lb to have dried out little cuts of meal…

Here is what you’ll need for two servings:

1/2 lb veal cutlet, sliced into 6 strips and pounded out

1/2 lb freshly cooked Spinach Linguine

1 Cup flour, mixed with one tsp of salt and freshly cracked black pepper

1 diced small shallot

1/2 cup dry white wine

4 tbsp beef stock

2/3 cup cream

3 tsp of butter

Here you go…

1 – In a medium pan, over a medium high heat, begin to heat your butter.

2 – Drag your veal cuts through the flour. When the butter has melted and is ready for frying, toss your veal into the pan two at a time. Quick fry the veal on each side for no more than 1 minute. I’d suggest about 30 seconds each side…

3 – Remove veal from your pan, place on a plate covered with paper towel

4 – When finished with the veal, lower your heat to medium and add your shallot. Cook for about 2 minutes.

5 – Add your wine, raise heat to medium-high to reduce your liquid. Keep the heat elevated for about 2 minutes, then reduce to medium.

6 – Add your stock, cream and mix. Add your veal, lower heat again but to medium-low this time. Cook for another 4 minutes at this lower temp.

7 – Put your pasta in a bowl, top with the veal and sauce.

In the final plating I added shaved parmesan cheese and some pepper…

Mmmm... Veal...

This is restaurant quality, very easy to make and hits the spot! I highly suggest you make this dish if you want to pop for the veal.